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Nur asked 12 months ago

What is Qada’ and Qadr exactly? I’m confused with Qada’ and Qadr with choices/decisions and efforts.
-This is an analogy that I thought about- Is Qada’ and Qadr either? : 
1)For example if I want get from point A to point B there are different routes to get there, so no matter the route I take, it will always end up at point B. 
2)Or is Qada’ and Qadr depending on the route I take, I arrive to different points. 
-Scenarios I think about:
1)Another example is if for example I am having a test, I studied but I feel like I did not put my best effort due to mental burnout and physical drain causing a drop in my performance. Is the state of tiredness my own decision or is it my Qada’ and Qadr? Is it my fault or can I blame destiny?. 
2)The result of your hard work is considered as your rizq. And your rizq is already pre-determined. So where does putting in hard work and effort comes to play?
3) I’m confused between decision making and Qada’ and Qadr. Ex. I decide not to help a needy person. Can I consider it as destiny, because Allah (swt) already knows whatever decision I’m going to make? I just need a clarity on this. 
 3a) We are given the choice to make decisions, but whatever we do is in Allah’s plans and it’s already written in Luh mahfuz. However, what if I do something bad?