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Aiza asked 7 months ago

im a new muslim, i was agnostic before. But i have been suffering a lot. In the beginning i had waswas and i began to ignore that. But now i feel like im having more doubts thats coming from my own self, i had some negative feelings about islam. I didnt act upon it or speak on it but i still feel guilty. i keep thinking what if this isnt the true religion. i keep researching about other religions why they might be true, i looked at some anti islamic websites. I also had some anger towards the prophet (pbuh) when i read some stuff about him, and also how God gives certain rewards (hoors) for men in paradise. I pray and ask God for forgiveness and to protect me from all this but I feel like its getting worse. It makes me feel sad like I’m not a good muslim. do i need to repeat my conversion?