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Maryum asked 10 months ago

Aoa I don\’t know how to shorten my question but please read this and help me out. I have a mom and two aunts (father\’s sisters) who don\’t get along with each other. I know that my mother doesn\’t have a clean heart for them and my two aunts have extreme anger issues. One day, they heard one way or the other that my mom might have commented about their unmarried life. Now, it doesn\’t concern me whether it was true or not but my aunt got so angry that she went to my mom in the kitchen and screamed at her. I was very young and weak, sitting upstairs and I clearly heard it when she slapped my mom. To this day, it pains my heart witnessing something so unfair and the fact that I still didn\’t take an action for her. Whatever my mom is as a person, no one has a right to slap her. I told this to my father. I don\’t know why but this topic was never mentioned again in our house. My aunt is 16 to 20 years younger than my mom. She got away with it and didn\’t apologise and never probably realised her mistake. Many years have passed since this happened and still, it grieves my heart that she got away with it. I left it on Allah since I didn\’t think I had any power to do anything but I feel so bad and uneasy because she continues to disrespect her by saying words like \”i hope she dies\” right in front of me. I wanted to know what Islam says about something like this? Should I just leave it on Allah or is He angry with me for not doing something for my mom. Are there any hadith on something related that can help me figure this out? I want my aunt to realise her mistake and apologise cause it has left a scar in my heart and while I can forgive her for anything, I can\’t find it in my heart to forgive her for something like that.