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Keana asked 2 months ago

Hello! Nice to meet you! I am a high school student from a Catholic school. I am writing to ask about the Islam religion, and learn more about it for our world religion class. I will attach a few questions below, and it would mean a lot for you to answer them! Thank you so much.
1. How long have you been Imam?
2. Why did you become an Imam?
3. What steps did you take to become one? Was there a special ceremony?
4. What does an Imam do on a typical day?
5. What is your relationship with your local community?
6. What is the most important thing you believe we should know about Islam?
7. What can you as Imam do to help Los Angeles face its many problems?
8. What can your faith teach us to help Los Angeles with this problem?
Thank you again!
Please get back as soon as possible, we appreciate your time!