QuestionsCategory: Quran & Hadithquestion regarding consuming Medicine which have alcohol
Amir asked 3 years ago

My name is Amir and I have question regarding consuming Medicine which have alcohol. I knew there are different post which says consuming Medicine which has little amount of alcohol for medical reason is allowed and my question is similar.
I have medical issue and there’s no cure in Allopathic / Homeopathic expect surgery and that will lead to greater complication in the future for whole life.
There are some naturopathy which says to prepare a medicine ( 1 litre of Vodka and 50 Walnut filament and store for 3 weeks in dark place ) and have 2 Tea spoon every day three time. They are claiming this is the perfect medicine and will always work and lots of people agreed. There are also people in Muslim world also used it.
Need brother advice, should I go ahead as this is the Medicine and very low amount of intake.
Wa Salam.