QuestionsCategory: Quran & Hadithregarding the command of conveying of message by our beloved prophet p.b.u.h.
Abdullah tahir asked 4 months ago

Aoa Sir,how are you? i hope you are fine.i am of 22 years old and doing civil enigneering these day.Sir as i am reading the translation of Quran-e-Kareem so i came through some ayats which i want to share it with you so that you can explain these ayats to me that is sir in surah 5 verse 99 Allah Almighty says,”The duty of Our Messenger is only to convey the Message. And Allah knows what you disclose and what you conceal.” it says that Our Beloved Prophet Responsibilty is only to convey the message.Now, sir comes towards the second ayat that is from surah 16 verse 44 in which allah says,”(We sent them) with clear signs and scriptures. And We sent down the Message (The Qur’an) so that you explain to the people what has been revealed for them and so that they may ponder.” sir here Allah almighty says that our prophet Responsibility is to explain the message. The thing which i am not understanding is that ….at one place allah is saying that the prophet {p.b.u.h} responsibility is to convey the message but at other place allah is saying that his responsibility is to explain the messages. is our beloved prophet responsibility is to convey the message or explain the message?…Explain me this ..plz.axiously waiting for your reply?????