QuestionsCategory: FiqhRegarding working for a shipping parcel company
Ahmed asked 3 years ago

Hi, I am looking to work at a warehouse which deals with parcels, it is a delivery or shipping company. The company is big and as I live in the UK it allows parcels or leaflets like insurance to be advertised, such as life insurance for the elderly. Would it be haram to work there and would it be the same concept as working with alcohol because helping to move these leaflets or parcels would be helping to assist in a sin as you know insurance is not permissible in islam just like how alcohol is not permissible. If I had to take a guess, 80 to 95% of the parcels should be halal. I understand how its just leaflets with just bits of information on it, if you think about it in depth, I would be helping a sinful act. Also, my pay can consist of money taken from the insurance company. To make this point clear, I woud guess that most, if not all parcel shipping companies work like that in the UK. Also, to better understand your view on this, would you agree it is impermissible to work in a shop that sells alcohol, this is only to better understand your reasoning. Thank you for your time.