Saman rashid asked 1 month ago

I am in a relationship with a guy and i used to get physical with him.. But then i did tauba and decided not to do again.. But still i committed that sin again. I kept repending again and again untill on day i decided to strickly stand with my rependence and not to do it again.. I was going good for like a month. But today i dont know why my mind was not working i was like i wasn’t feeling anything i haf no intension to do it but i dont know what was wrong with me i didn’t remember Allah i didn’t remember my promise at that time it was like i wasnt even feeling what was happening i was just doing it there was no regret in my heart my mind nothing. I wasn’t even feeling anything i dont even remember what was in my mind when i was doing it.. What should i do now? I want to repent again but it feels like this time Allah won’t listen