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Kamyar asked 8 months ago

As-salamu alaikum.
I have a few Instagram account that i repost/reshare Tiktok videos from there. The accounts are mostly about home products and i sell Amazon products with the accounts. When i repost a Tiktok videos I don’t ask for permission of the owner of the videos. Because if i send them a message for permission they may not see my message or answer me . Or they may answer me after a few days or longer. So at this time i have many competitors and similar accounts on Instagram, they will repost it before me and after a few days when i got the permission of the owner and repost it, the video will not perform well or it may even be bad results because many users already seen it from the other Instagram accounts.
But currently what i am doing is whenever i repost a video, i will try to find the Tiktok video owner’s Instagram account and mentioning/tagging his account in the post’s caption to send him a notification that i used his video, so the Instagram automatically sends a notification to the owner’s instagram. And the notification will be on the top section of the page for 1 day then it will go down in the queue. Some of the owners I didn’t find their Instagram account but i just entered their Tiktok account name as credit in my post caption.
Of course i will always mention the credit at least in plain text, but i will try to even find their Instagram account, mentioning it and to send them notification from Instagram.
As my experience in one of my largest account, only one onwer of a video messaged me and asked me to delete the video and i did it and apologized her. But most of the owners haven’t problem with it.
My question is: Am i doing wrong? Does my sales be Haram? With all tagged and not tagged owners?
Thank you.