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abdullah tahir asked 5 months ago

Aoa sir… i want to know another thing about revelaion that .Sir we all know that Holy Quran was not revealed fully through Angel jibreel there are some verses which Allah almighty himself revealed on Holy prophet directly like verse 286 of surah baqarah and many more.but in surah baqarah verse 97 allah says that Say, “Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel – it is [none but]he who has brought the Qur’an down upon your heart, [O Muhammad], by permission of Allah, confirming that which was before it and as guidance and good tidings for the believers.” and in surah nahl Allah says, “Say, [O Muhammad], “The Pure Spirit has brought it down from your Lord in truth to make firm those who believe and as guidance and good tidings to the Muslims.” so in both verses allah is saying that Holy Quran was revealed through angel jibreel by permission of Allah but we know that there are some verses which allah revealed directly to Prophet Muhammad[S.A.W].Plz explain this to me.Anxiouly waiting…for