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Sajida asked 1 year ago

Assalamualaikum dear Sheikh,
Hope this finds you in the best of imam and health in Sha Allah. I have a few questions about doodh shareek rishta. I will appreciate it if you could please answer these questions.

1) If child A had child B’s mother’s breast milk, will only child A and B will be doodh shareek brothers or ALL of child A’s siblings and child B:s siblings be each other’s brothers and sisters?

2) Can you establish rishta radiyat with a child who is over 2 years of age?

3) If yes to question 2, then how? If a mother of child X gives her breast milk to child Y (who is eight years old), will she become his ridhayi mother? How many times does child Y need to drink her milk (in a cup) to establish this relationship?

Jazak Allahu khairan