Ali asked 2 years ago

Asslamu alaikum,

I am enquiring about the obligatory pillars of salah (for the salah to be bare minimum satisfactory to be accepted by Allah SWT)

I am currently having trouble on the ‘Tashahhuds’. I know that is a compulsory pillar of salah, What is the bare minimum I can say as my memory isn’t the best, also at what point during the sittings… cause I’ve read online there is ‘first tashahhud, middle ‘tashahhud’ and final ‘tashahhud’. I can only assume that means the count of sitting you’re on during that salah (depending on what salah you are performing/amount of rakaats). What I say for my tashahhud for each sitting since I begun praying is the same thing every time—> “ash-hadu an-la  ilaaha ila Allah wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasoolhu”

It’s a little embarrassing cause I do everything else correct (to mine knowledge and the internet’s knowledge) and it is only very recently I figured what tashahhud is and that it is obligatory to have salah accepted by Allah SWT, also will my salah’s still be accepted due to me not being aware of my errors?
I am currently participating in a 10 day I’tikaf and also returned from Umrah before beginning my I’tikaf, I would hate for everything to have been invalidated to do errors in compulsory acts. 

Jazakallah Khair.