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Veman Ismail asked 12 months ago

Assalamu alaykum.
When I was going to sleep yesterday, I was on my way down to my bedroom and looked up and briefly saw a form of a man. This man was dark as night, it had a long black coat and a black hat on. I could not see its face. I didn’t make much out of it as I thought it was just a hallucination. My sister saw my face as I stopped walking and asked me what’s wrong? I decided not to tell her because she gets scared easily. I told her I thought I saw a man, but it’s probably just my vision. She was like yeah I think so too.
The next morning I woke up and my sister was upstairs. She called out to me and said my name, I could hear she was scared, she told me ‘I’m so scared I saw something’. I asked her about it and she told me she was looking at herself in the mirror and saw a man behind her at the exact same spot where I saw him.
I asked her to describe what she saw, and she described the exact same thing that I saw. A man wearing a black coat and a black hat, she could not see his face because of how dark it was. At the same spot as well.
I did not get scared by it and did read Ayat al Kursi, but after learning that my sister saw the same, I feel frightened. What can this be? Thank you in advance