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Mazhar asked 5 years ago

Asslam O Alykum Mufti Sahab,
I hope this email find you in best of health. I am writing to you to enquire about my profession.
I am earning money online through my website. My work involves building a website, and doing Search Engine Optimizaton or Link Building. I want people to visit my website through To get higher ranking in the Google Results, we build links (pages on other websites) which helps in ranking my site. Building links is against Google’s Rules. My work also involves spamming (sending emails to many people). My work does not involve posting female pictures. As far as I know, there is no clear violation of any Islamic Principles. There are 1000s of Muslim in this profession.
My concern is that my website might rank higher in Google than someone else’s website who has not build any links but did a lot of effort building the website. I might take the share of his traffic by building links (which is forbidden by Google)
I just want to know if the above description looks permissible?