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S asked 3 years ago

Assalamualikum dear brother.I’ma boy of 18.I’min a relationshipwith a girl of my Age almost for a few months.Both of us pray 5 times salah Alhamdulillahand both of us prayNafl salah for each others well Beingand for staying togehter with full,Iman inshaAllah.I cannot leave withouther. We’rebadly in love.We already kissed and hugged and we are very scared now what would happen to us.We are young, just passed our school.But we were thinking if marriage would be the right option to make it halal.I can perform the marriage with witness and Qadi but not wali..morever her father is no longer alive…i can not leave withouther .. can i marry her so that we can have no sins and can ensure noneffects if our deeds to our parents as well?please let me kn asap brother..its really frightening us…our intentions are really good morever our family alsowants us ti get married( like they gave us the sigms)…what should i do