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Hajira asked 3 months ago


I needed some Islamic advice when it comes to marriage. A marriage proposal had come for me and my father had his reservations but because I was good wither everything about the family and boy, my family said yes to the proposal and we finalized a nikkah date. As the time got closer my father started making excuses to back out of the commitment. He said said that both kids have a personality clash and the boy has anger. When he told me this reasoning for canceling the proposal, I told him that I understand and am still willing to work things out inshAllah. My father did not listen and said that he has a right to let me marry whoever he wants and that if he does not approve then I cannot get married. Its been months since both families said yes to the proposal and I have gotten attached to this proposal. My father has already denied the proposal and now I dont know what to do because I dont know what rights Islam gives me when in this situation. I have tried talkikg to my dad and begging him to let me marry this man who he bought for me initially as an arranged marriage, but nothing will change his mind. Can you please tell me what my rights are in Islam when it comes to this. Im looking for some guidance.
Jazakahallah Khair