QuestionsCategory: Character & MoralsSeeking forgivness from impersonation online
Adam asked 5 months ago

Asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,
My question is about impersonating others online and how this can be a form of backbiting and slander. It is something that I unfortunately engaged in some time ago and is causing me a great deal of distress.
The reality is that over the past few years on numerous occasions I used other people’s photos and or name etc and created fake social media profiles, I even did this on dating apps and spoke to people pretending to be the person in the pictures.
I feel bad, ashamed, embarrassed and disgusted with myself for engaging in such actions, I regret the actions and pray for forgiveness from Allah.  
However, it has come to me that this can be a form of backbiting and slander, if this is the case, how do I gain forgiveness as I understand that the person whom I impersonated would need to forgive me too. Is it necessary for me to contact and seek forgiveness from those individuals or is there another way to redeem myself?
So, my question is how I repent and gain forgiveness in this situation, some details are as follows,
Some of the victims I impersonated are celebrities, do I need to contact them, what if this is not possible?
Also, can I contact the people anonymously and ask for forgiveness or do I need to reveal my identity.
Also is there a difference if the victim is non-Muslim, as they may not understand the concept of forgiveness and judgement day like Muslims do.
I fear that on judgment day my good deeds will be taken off me and given to multiple people whom I have impersonated, please advise how I can rectify this situation and attain forgiveness.