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Mahmood asked 7 months ago

Hello, I’m Mahmood and I’m 17 years old. Around 2 years ago I met a “friend” in school who took advantage of me when my faith and self-confidence were weak. He kept telling me that Islam wasn’t real and I should do whatever I want. Sadly I believed him and started doing things that are considered haram and I acted like I’m still a Muslim at the same time. I’m aware that this is known as hypocrisy and it’s a major sin, This all happened around 2 years back. Now around a month ago. I started realizing that Ramadan was getting closer and I started thinking about what I did in my life and how i abandoned Islam. I felt a painful and deep regret in my heart about what I did and now I’m looking for a way to seek forgiveness from Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala). What can i do so i can be forgiven for the terrible things that I did?

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ISCC Staff answered 6 months ago

Wa Alykum Assalam,
We all commit sins and we all make mistakes. In Islam TOWBAH (repentance) is prescribed for the sinners. So, seek Allah’s forgiveness and make sure don’t do  what you did before. Always trust Allah that Allah loves to forgive. May Allah guide all of us. Ameen.