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Tanjima Jui asked 12 months ago

Seeking Help   Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!   1_Q: Judging my situation I have described below did I have wronged Keya?   2_Q: If I did not wronged Keya Do I have to pay money Keya or not?   3_Q: Do I have to Pay Keya only for the Due 30,000 taka or I also have to pay the demerge amount extra 30,000 taka that I intended to Allah?   4_Q: Since Keya is a fellow who prone to do fitna fasad and if I meet her, she may make me fall into deep trouble or trap, can give this money as sadakah for him?   To accomplish my project or work I hire one of my friend Borsa’s (Hidden name) friend Keya (Hidden name).   Keya was brought by my friend Borsa. I made a clear contract with Keya of 60,000 Bdt (Bangladeshi currency, around $750 USD +). Which included all the elements & materials of project and the wages/making charge. The contract was made upon he has to handover my project on this cost on mentioned limited time so that I can join my pre-declared presentation day along with my work.   At the beginning of my work Keya asked me for some advanced money which I gave her. But after a while she asked me for more money when my work not even half down. Which was against our contract. For this second time while I was not willing to pay her, she started to blackmail me that she will not work anymore and stop my work on the middle path. Since I do not have enough time and such situation that I would be able to find someone else to do my work I bound to pay her the money for the second time to continue my work. Keya was fully aware of my situation that’s why she blackmails me for money. Similar way almost around 3 times she takes money form me without completing my work which was around 30,000 Bdt ($375 USD).   After passing few days I noticed Keya procrastinating my work and my work did not get any progress. For this she shows various excuses which was not valid. Keya said due to my other friend work (for which she was also hired) she delayed mine. But she also shows the similar excuses to my friend regarding delaying on their work. After completing my friend’s work Keya had plenty of time if she worked in a proper manner, she would be able to complete my entire work on a best possible way. But ignoring my main work she started to talking od unnecessary words which has no connection with my work or projects, which create more delay in my work.   But the situation is like that according to our contract if Keya did not complete my work and handover me my work on contract’s mention time all my money and project would not of any use of mine any more.    By the mercy of Allah subhanahu ta\\\\\\\’ala the presentation days extended and I received some extra more days to present my work.   While the handover time of work ended and already passed away according to my contract mentioned time and I did not see any progress of effort of Keya on my project… I inform my friend Borsa (who first time bring Keya to me to do my work). By observing and evaluating the situation I asked Borsa to help me in my work to complete it. In this case I asked Borsa to help me as a friend. I did not make any financial agreement with my friend Borsa. Borsa was willing to help me just only as friend do for another, nothing in exchange she mentioned to receive to do my work.   In this extended time of my work for final presentation my friend Borsa work as a chief worker along with my other friends (Hidden Names: Fagun, Mitali). The profession we are associate with here is the norm if someone work for your presentation without any financial benefit than one must have to pay for a well food treat or host a party to the workers.   Since Keya despite having proper time did not give enough effort to complete my work according to our contract time and risking my presentation, I bound to asked for help of my friends to secure my presentation and my work.   Our contract was made of 60,000 taka (around $750 USD +).). Among 60,000-taka contract Keya took 30,000taka ($375 USD). before completing my work, which was against our contract. Rest of the due was 30,000 taka ($375 USD). in total. While Keya Expelled from my work, I have to pay around 15,000 taka for material and other cost which should be provided by Keya according to our deal. And also have to spend extra 6,000-taka cost for the food treat who worked in exchange of Keya. If Keya down my work within our deal then my other friend do not need to work for me and I may not have to pay for this food treat. After my presentation down I give the due 15,000 taka to my friend Borsa to hand over the money to Keya. Since Keya was a human who twist her word and trap people with her negative behavior (already make fitna fasad with my other friend regarding this work) I do not want to contact her directly anymore. That’s why I give the money to my friend Borsa to handover the money to Keya who bring Keya to me first time to do my work. But without asking or informing me my friend Borsa keep this15,000 taka in herself. Since Keya did not work form project according to our deal and in Keyas exchange Borsa have to work to complete my incomplete work it felt legal for me of keeping this due 15,000 taka by Borsa without informing me. For this I did not asked any question or further query to my friend Borsa. Although me and Borsa do not make any financial agreement. Borsa supposed to help me to complete my work just a friend does for her friend.   After passing a while going through various difficulty of my regular life, I felt a guilt into myself and asked to myself I may not down wrong to Keya?   Without getting sure if I really did wrong to Keya or not out of emotion, I intend to Allah that I will return the due 30,000 taka to Keya and also provide extra 30,000 taka as a demerge of being late to pay.   Above I have briefly described my entire situation. Please answer the question I have asked on top of this would be enough to help me out.…..