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Amr Hassan asked 2 months ago

I was married in 2005 and blessed with two boys (15 and 11) thanks God.
The Mother filed a separation case and is requesting Property Division.
Since occupancy I paid ALL mortgage payments, taxes, condo fees, insurance, utilities…etc
Is it halal for The Mother to get half the property? I lost my job in 2018 and joined another job in October 2020 but all what I am getting after tax deduction is $4,400 and the condo mortgage and fees is $3,100
I informed The Mother several times that I can NOT afford the living costs with my current salary and that she is living behind her means but no positive response at all.
Now that I am unable to pay the mortgage and the bank will take the condo, will I be guilty (religion wise)? Also if the court gave half what I paid to the mother when the bank take the condo; should I continue pay for a new condo for my boys or The Mother should do this with half the money she got and I will not be guilty?