QuestionsCategory: Character & MoralsShould I destroy the gifts given by non mahram?
Jia asked 6 months ago

I had an relationship with an girl. Muslim girl. By relationship, what I mean is that we liked each other and started talking online. We have also exchanged gifts to one another. And we were all planning about how we will be get married to one another in future and etc.
After a month I’ve realized that what we were doing is nothing but just an haram relation. Even though our intentions were to get married in a halal way but we can’t continue a haram relation and then get married in halal way!
So, I’ve explained everything to her and ended our haram relationship. But I’ve promised that I will ask for her to her father in future Insha’Allah. And we will not talk with each other and won’t keep any haram love for each other till then.
Alhamdulillah, I have came out of that haram relation and fallen in love with Allah (S.W.T) and His Messenger, Muhammad (SAW).
But one thing that I’m worried about that when we were in relationship, she send me some gifts. Cards, Diary, Letter and stuff. I’m not sure about those gifts of her! I don’t see them in order to remember her. But I’m not sure that by keeping them, am I earning sins? Though I hope that in future I may ask for her to her father in a halal way Insha’Allah.
My Question is that, Should I destroy those gifts of her or what?
Jazakallah khair