QuestionsCategory: Marriage & DivorceShould I divorce my husband for my parents sake or stay with my husband leaving my family while my parents are cursing
Fahmida Rahman asked 10 months ago

Assalamu Alaikum. I’m facing a terrible situation and of course it’s due to my decisions. Please ignore my bad English.
5 years ago I fall in love with someone when I was 16. After six months of our relationship my parents came to know about it. They didn’t agree for the marriage as that person I love has no job, no property and not from a prestigious family. But they are certainly earning more then us and were much happier than my family. My family rejected him for those three reasons.
I tried to move on but I don’t know why I couldn’t. Then we decided to get married and hide it from my family. I know this was not right. But I didn’t know anything about the haram relationship, Zina or marriage. After 2 years of my marriage, I came to know a girl can’t marry without a wali. Then I tried to find solutions to what to do. I talk to some scholars and they said Hanafi madhab supports marriage without marriage. And our country follows Hanafi rules. If I divorce my husband then I can’t marry him again if the marriage was valid. So I continued in my marriage waiting for my husband getting a good job and then we will talk to my family.
Recently I got pregnant. I immediately inform my family about my marriage and pregnancy. My husband has a job that is not good and also not bad. And insha’Allah he’ll get a better job as he is trying very hard. My husband is also trying to build their own home so that my family agrees.
I informed my family about everything. when I got married I had a belief if my husband gets a good job my father will agree for my sake. But I was wrong they didn’t agree. My father didn’t spare his own parents even after they’re dead and I’m just his daughter. The situation was something like this, my father promised he’ll give me some time so that my husband can get a proper job and build a house. But I had to abort. It was a terrible decision for me and I don’t know if Allah will forgive me or I can forgive myself. It was within 40 days but I committed a big sin.
Now my father backing off from the promise and asking me to leave my home now or get divorced and no one will know about it. He is saying even if my husband is the President my father won’t agree. My mother is forcing me emotionally to get divorced otherwise she’ll die. I want to leave my house but my father is not a good person. He can even kill my husband or my mother. Though he’s asking me to leave he won’t let it happen that easily.
I’m committing sins one after another. I can’t believe in myself anymore. My husband has nothing when we got married. He tried so hard to gather everything he has right now and also loves me so much. I don’t want to leave him. Should I leave my house though it’s hard? Can I be happy making my parents unhappy? Or should I get divorced?
Jazakallah. It’s a little urgent so please consider answering.