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Khaled asked 3 weeks ago

  Salam 3alaikoum ! I have a question in my mind for which i don\\\\\\\’t find any answer for a long time. I\\\\\\\’m stressed because of it. My question is : Is it forbidden to stop making a dua or making dhikr… in public because others (muslims or non-m) will look on us and we will be shy and embarrasses ? Is it permissible to make it later / silently or is it obligatory to do it in the time we have it on mind, even if it\\\\\\\’s embarrassing ? It happens to me everyday that I want to say for example \\\\\\\”astaghfirullah or \\\\\\\”alhamdoulilah\\\\\\\” or making dua… but I\\\\\\\’m embarrassed to see other people seeing me doing this. So sometimes I do it secretly/in my mind/later for not making of me an object of attention. I\\\\\\\’m worry to the fact that I don\\\\\\\’t know if it makes me leaving islam by not doing an adoration of god because of others. Barakallahou fikoum and sorry if it is too long😂 but I wanted to be clear.