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Hb asked 5 months ago

Hi, I hope you can help. my sister and I don\\\’t talk anymore due to her always shouting at me whenever I say something and she always made me feel worthless, shed just stare at my moustache ( am Pakistani and a girl) she didn\\\’t have one but she kept making me feel bad for mine and my mum didn\\\’t let me remove it until I did at 15 years old. the point is she\\\’s always made me feel bad about my self and I\\\’d always make her feel good, I\\\’d always go out of my bad to make sure she was okay, I was blinded by my love for her. Whenever I was scared to do something she\\\’d never comfort me and and all of her friends would always just give me cold looks. the point she is I loved her and she didn\\\’t . She then started getting eczema on her hands. Gp did nothing, my mum made my dad take her to private doctor as it was really bad. Anyway after it better she told my mum that I did evil eye to her hands becasue I wanted thin fingers and she has them, I only told her I wanted to thin fingers so I could fit into the rings my uncle sent from Pakistan. I was heartbroken how could she say that about me. she blamed everything on me. She\\\’s done more things but then it\\\’ll be too long. she isn\\\’t nice to my mother either she always lies to her, then when her lies come exposed she back aways that she didn\\\’t say it, she shouts at my mum and never listens to her. The problem is that my mum cares for her more than me when I\\\’m the helping her with everything around the house and all. Like when she doesn\\\’t come to eat as she likes eating by herself my mum will bring her food, when I don\\\’t she doesn\\\’t bring food. If I don\\\’t go to help my mum, she acts a bit angry and when my sister doesn\\\’t she is fine. When I used to go to secondary school really early everyone would be asleep and I\\\’d leave and now that my sister goes my mum wakes up extra early for her and makes her breakfast and lunch. Whenever I confront her about this she always start shouting that she\\\’ll stop talking to me as I make a big deal out of everything and I\\\’m senstive. She always blames me. When choosing to uni I told her my option, I was interested In two courses she said I\\\’m useless as whatever I become is useless as I won\\\’t become doctor. My sister told my dad she\\\’s want to study doctor now my dad keeps pushing her to do well so she can, one day she started crying that she doesn\\\’t want to be a doctor and my dad is forcing me, my mum consoled her that doctor isn\\\’t everything whatever is in her fate shell become. When I confronted her statement and why she didn\\\’t tell me that she started saying that she didn\\\’t say it. I care about my mum a lot and my sister doesn\\\’t but my mom goes out of her way to treat her right. She keeps saying she likes us the same even tho i treat my mum better but even tho she says this she treats my sister better. What shall I do, wheneve I explain to her that she isn\\\’t treating us the same she tells me I\\\’m senstive and walks off. I\\\’m feeling very lonely she never tries to understand me