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Mohamad Sufian asked 3 years ago

Salam Imam,
I’ve been reading the Quran and been fascinated with the stories of various prophets. However, I have a question on the stories. All of the stories centre around events and prophets who lived in the greater part of the current Middle East. However, history and anthropology have shown that human civilisation existed for thousands of years in other parts of the world such as Europe, South Asia, East Asia, and the Americas (Red Indians). I understand that Allah has sent about 250,000 prophets throughout the world prior to Prophet Muhammad SAW. Why has Allah chosen to tell the stories of only the civilisation in the Middle East (and their destruction) and not other parts of the world? Are there not other civilisation with prophets who came with the message of Allah and which might have then been completely destroyed because of their refusal to accept the prophet’s message? Is it important for Muslims to find out and know some of these stories too?
Thank you and Allah knows best.