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Sajida Tabassum asked 2 years ago
  1. Assalamualaikum,my name is Sajida Tabassum and I am 21years old,my aunty (mother\’s brother\’s wife) she hurts me and also hurts my mother and mother\’s sister\’s (4 sisters),we have Islamic values,deen because of this we are silent and suffering,because we don\’t want to hurt her because it is prohibited in Islam, she don\’t have any values,if she wants to hurt us then she will give importance to other people who are beside us(intension is to hurt) and she will not speak to us,if we wish in Islamic manner (assalamualaikum) she will not reply and if we say AllahHafiz she will turn her face back and we feel ashame infront of all, but we are ignoring that and we don\’t hurt her back,we are suffering from 7years. please suggest me what to do?