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Wladimir asked 3 months ago

As Salamu Aleikum. In the Internet appear often Terms and Conditions and people have to tick a box or something similiar which often contains “I have read it and agree” or within the Terms and Conditions it is mentioned , that we have to read them. Do we have to read then the Terms and Conditions, because by clicking on the box we do say, that we have READ and agreed? What if we often do something on the Internet, do we have to read plenty of Pages of Terms of Agreement, which are mostly the same in content and of which the Hosts of the Pages do not really expect us to read them? They probably just write it for legal reasons and not with the intention, that everyone have to read them. And it is not only in the Internet, but outside the Internet we are also often floated with legal texts, which we sometimes have to “read and agree”. To Clarify: My Question is whether we have to actually read the Pages of Terms and Coniditions, even if they are plenty in number and mostly the same in content from website to website, when we tick a box containing “We have read and agreed” or if it is stated within the Terms and Conditions, that we have to read them or whether it is excused, because they probably write “read”, because of legal reasons and probably do not care if we really read them, knowing that most people do not read them anyway.