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Isha asked 5 months ago

AoA im a girl and i was so much. Mad and crazy that i believed in a person ( a AMAL DOER)  actually i lost someone who became sooo close to me that when he left without saying a word i got crazy i contacted a peer and he said that yes I’ll help you i gave him money that i had later on he asked for more for the AMAL he said this is the last step we really need it last step it will b complete nobody knew it that i was taking money from the drawer with the intention to put it back when the peer will return but he asked for more money it went it on about a month n than when i Asked him to return me the money he said you didn’t complete the AMAL thats y you lost it but now i feel so bad so embarrassed I’m za studentn I can’t return the money or put it back because i don’t earn what should I do for seeking forgiveness I’m so afraid and so much worried please Answer me