QuestionsCategory: Beliefs in IslamThinking you would be forgiven after repenting?
Rehan asked 4 months ago

Assalamualaikum, i actually repented from shirk about a week ago and i was feeling very sad about it, i repented from it and rade shahada but every time i look at other muslims or watch an islamic video, i always wonder whether i am forgiven or not and am i a muslim? I was really unhappy with my sin, yesterday i just searched are there any signs which shows a oerson is forgiven and after readibg it, alhamdulillah, i was very happy and hopeful that i maybe forgiven because the signs which shows a oerson is forgiven are happening to me, so i was very hopeful that i maybe forgiven, but today as i was watching a video, a thought cake in my mind that i am forgiven so i am a muslim, and i know that thinking you are forgiven definitely makes your repentance not accepted, when i said in my mind that i am forgiven immediately after that i realise that its not allow to think that or talk that, so am i not forgiven if i thought that i am totally forgivej but immediately stopped thinking that and i didn’t act upon it or talked about it and i would thinking like that? Do i have to repent again or i can just stop thinking like that and i also wanted to know, can i call myself a muslim now?