Manar asked 10 months ago

Salam. I got a true dream that I’m gonna marry this guy. but at first i refuse this true dream & made a dua that it won’t happen. then i regretted it when I saw this man has already have a gf. it hurts me badly that this girl is very pretty & smart & i can see on fb he loves her so much especially she was shown to be with the family of guy in some events. i know what a true dream is because I already got 2dreams happen to me before BUT this one I’m not sure if it still gonna happen especially this guy doesn’t want to talk me on fb, i know it may be haram to talk to him on fb but i just want to have a communication w/ him especially his gonna be my husband in the future if still. and Allah doesn’t want me to forget him becaz I got the true dream at the moment I said to myself I’m moving on with him. he is a Christian by the way. it truly breaks my heart to see him love that girl so much. i know Sabr & Tawakkul but it HURTS. I know people would say it is HARAM. But I got this true dream. And I know the signs of true dreams. This is NOT my first time to get a True dream.