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Prefer not to say asked 1 year ago

AsSalamualaikum .
This may be a very unusual question but this has been bothering me lately. As technology is progressing, its harder for me to determine what is considered halal and haram.
i do online shopping so i pay online for my items through my bank account. Now the money i paid for the item from my account was with the halal portion of my income ( Allah knows best ) but when you purchase something online with your bank account, your bank asks for verification by sending an sms code to your phone to verify you own the bank account basically im guessing. Now the sim card that they send the sms code to, i purchased it with haram money long ago.
So this is what has been botheing me. The fact that the sim card wasnt bought with halal money, does that mean everything i have been buying online with halal money from my bank account is haram?
Thank you very much in advance.