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Shahmeer Khan asked 1 year ago

Assalam u alikum, my name is Shahmeer Khan, age 21 years. I have a number of questions. My father is a government officer in health department. In Pakistan no country rules are followed by majority, I was reading in a Islamic article that in Islam government things should not be used for personal usage, one should use it only for government work but in Pakistan the majority of people who pursue government jobs only pursue them in order to use government vehicles and other government things for personal use, which according to the law is forbidden.So my question is that when I was young, my father being a government officer used government vehicles for personal usage and at the age of 13 till 20 my going to school, collage was on government vehicles and government driver was doing my duty almost 90% of the time. Now he do have government vehicles and others but I told him that I won\’t be using government products for my personal use, my other family members use them but i don\’t as much as i can.Now the question that i am posting is from a PC that was brought for me by the use of government vehicle, my CPU, Monitor and many other belongings which at that time i did\’t knew much about the truth in my younger ages like 13 till 17,18.So what would be the ruling on my belongings that i have today that were brought by the use of illegal government products.My schooling when i was younger, my PC, and many other things.Should I keep them or ask my father to buy new products for me?