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Fatema asked 7 months ago

As-salamu alaykum,
I am writing to you about a concern related to Islam and the COVID-19 vaccines. This is going to be a long read but I hope by the end of it you can understand my situation and agree with me.
Over the past few weeks my employer has required me to get the COVID-19 vaccine or else I will be put on indefinite unpaid leave of absence, while also not qualifying for Employment Insurance due to the fact of not being vaccinated against COVID-19. If I lose my job, I cannot pay for my home, care for my family, or keep up with the costs of living. I have requested a religious accommodation to not take the COVID-19 vaccine because aborted fetas cells have been used in the production and/or development of the vaccine, and abortion directly goes against the teachings of Islam. Some people are also suffering from heart problems, like heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots from some of the vaccines. Not only do these vaccines contain ingredients (aborted fetas cells) that are prohibited in Islam, but I also believe that there is a chance that this vaccine may harm me physically. Allah has provided us with the free will to make our own decisions, and this type of force from companies is considered as an act of transgression in Islam, which is haram. I understand that the COVID-19 vaccine can help people with reducing their symptoms, and I have told my work I will continue to do weekly testing and wear face masks, face shields and gloves to protect my patients from COVID-19 and to make sure I am not spreading COVID-19 during work.
My employer said that in order for them to grant me religious accommodation, I must get a letter from an Imam that I am a practicing Muslim and that my beliefs in Islam about the COVID-19 vaccines are true. I am very scared about losing my job, but I also will not take a vaccine that has the potential to harm me. If there is a concern about privacy issues regarding the COVID-19 accommodation note, I want to reassure you that this will be strictly confidential; only my employer and myself will know about any information regarding this letter and there will be no societal pressure or public knowledge. I have been praying that someone can help me in this situation, and Inshallah you will agree to help me keep my job and provide me with a note. Allahu alim.
Thank you.