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Kamroon Nahar sharmin Juthy asked 2 years ago

As salamu Alaikum.
I am in a confusion.I want an answer or a way to solve out my confusion.
I want to marry one person but he does not want to marry me even he hates me.Thats why i have started the Doa younus (1.25 lac times) amol to fulfill my wish and to gain a place in his mind with Allah (swt) ‘s affection.After starting this amol several things are comming about that person.That he is engaged with some one else(may be its wrong). Different types of informations are coming about him.But that person is saying those are wrong.sometimes i feel he is right but sometimes it seems like all evidance are going agsinst him. I am facing problems to fulfill this 1.25 lac doa younus amol. What should i do ?should i complete my amol? Allah wants or not?Allah does not want me to do this thats why Allah is creating these obstacles? I want him.but am so confused about what Allah wants?Should i complete my this amol?