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Abdurrahmaan Karolia asked 5 months ago

Assalaamualaykum, I’ll try keep this short and to the point . I have suffered from was was a lot but alhamdulillah Allah helped me and guided me not o say it through mouth but it became so hard and I kept rejecting the claim in mouth .  But it g it to the point where I hated it and didn’t agree with it of course but I would say such stupid stuff when I don’t mean to or I don’t understand or I do understand but I have no control and keep having to say shahadah again and again keep seeking forgiveness and weeping . I say such filth and I hate it I feel I have no control . Also note I’ve been suffering from jinn possession too . The two combined is giving me sleepless nights where I sob and sob. I know Allah is all hearing abs I won’t lose my hope but I need advice . Am I accountable for such disgusting things I said . ? Because I feel pressure I try hard to fight it . I keep saying shahadah. I get such bad thoughts and at times I feel like it’s me .