QuestionsCategory: Beliefs in IslamWhat Does my Dream mean?
Sabrin Abdii asked 6 months ago

had a really weird dream last night. I was with both my parents, when my mom kept complaining about backpains – when suddenly she begins to say the shahada because she felt very sick. And then she says she saw something a shadow that was in stacks- like it was something on top of each other. My dad and I thought it was jinn so we got on YouTube a played ruqyah. And here comes the wiredness: on the tv there was like a kinda talk show where you can ask sheikh Islamic questions, and we described to the sheikh was my mother saw and he said it wasn’t jinn but the angel of death. And that’s kinda how the dream ended. My mother never died in the dream even tho she saw the angle of death. Can anyone help me interpret this on my moms behalf since the dream was about her. What can this mean? And you should maybe keep in mind that I have been thinking – afraid of death recently. So could it maybe just be my reflects?