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Mosammot asked 2 years ago

Assalamualaikum Brothers and Sisters! I pray that you are all well. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this so please guide me if Im wrong. I wanted to talk about something which has been troubling me lately. Im not sure how to word this exactly so please bear with me. Last year, I stole some makeup and personal hygiene products from 2 stores. In one of them, I was caught shoplifting and went through the legal aspects and completed a Legal Education Program for minors (under 18 years old) where I returned the stolen stuff, did a course on law and also went through a peer trial (court for teenagers). I feel great remorse and have never done it again. I feel bad for taking someone else property and have asked Allah for forgiveness and to guide me in the right direction. Please don\’t judge me for my past, I have become a better person and do not engage in such activities any more. Today,I was going through some of my things and saw the (beauty, skincare) products I had stolen from the store where I was not caught. I cannot return it to the store because I was not caught there and I will be most likely be put in jail I got everything ready to be donated and given to charity. However, my mom is not letting me. She said to leave everything where it is. I tried to explain that what I did was a sin and that by keeping it, im not being completely remorseful. She even said, she is keeping it and its going to be a sin for her. I told her I dont want to keep stolen things in the house and she told me to leave the house then (not serious).  However, I dont think thats valid. She also said that if I donate to people in America, they will not be grateful and that she is going to send it to our foreign developing country and donate it to people who need it there. She is okay with using the stuff we already opened. However, I wanted to donate it and not be constantly in regret of the past. I want to move forward and become a better person. Please tell me what I should do. Should I insist on donating it as soon as possible or wait until around July 2019 when my grandparents will go back to our country and send the stuff with them to donate to people there (most likely friends and family who are in poverty)? Also what should I do with items that are already open or used that I cannot donate?