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Amena asked 2 years ago

Assalamualaikum, I am married for 7and half year,my husband is a marine engineer, both of us offer 5 time salat, performed Hajj. He was good. But after marriage i caught him having secret contact with several women and that time i forgive him. My husband recently performed Omrah in june 2018 and Itekahf in Makka al Haram. After 2month of that he caught having contact with many different women with prove. And when i said this to him he said 1talak over phone and now did not contact with me since last 2month. He is not regret of what he did and still doing the same thing. I informed his family but they said they have nothing to do all is his dicission. What should i do in this situation according to islamic shariah.please tell me and help me.