QuestionsCategory: Beliefs in IslamWhy do the Quranic promises about people getting what they want apply to all men but not also women?
Leah asked 2 months ago

Sorry for the long text.I would like to ask a question, I know it may sound silly but it has been bothering me for a while. Quran says that everyone who makes it to paradise gets what they wish for, can you clarify who this applies to? I can see how it applies to men but don’t see how it will apply to women. Men desire to have many beautiful wives so the Quran explicitly mentions that every man who makes it to paradise gets that. women desire to be the most beautiful women to their husbands and desire to spend lots of time with them but there is no mention of that. And if a man takes another wife in dunyiah then this will deprive the other wives from their desires in paradise. Let’s say a man has four wives obviously all four will want him to love them more than any other wife and be the most beautiful in his eyes, but only the one with the most good deeds gets that. So see my point, a man regardless of the number of good deeds he has he will have many wives and they will not see anyone better or more handsome than him. I feel this is a punishment for women who’s husbands take more than one wife in duniyah as a woman could be having a million good deeds but his other wife has more good deeds, then the one with the most deeds gets what she wants. But a man who has 10 good deeds he will get to be the most handsome to his wives. Why are women not given what they want in paradise and those who are patient with polygamy are punished by not getting to be the most beautiful to their husbands, if the others have more good deeds. It feels men regardless of how many deeds they have get what they want, and women don’t especially if they had a co wife in this life, like with the example I gave a woman with 10 million good deeds not being the most beautiful to he rhusband because his other wife has more good deeds, but a man with only 10 being the most handsome to his wives and getting many wives. Can you please help me understand the wisdom of why men get all they want and not women as well? I know there is no sadness there, but men get all they want and women don’t. And since men get hoor alyn his means that they be more beautiful than his wife from duniyah if is not on the same level in paradise as him, which further reduces the chances of women actually getting what they desire. Again, men regardless of their good deeds get what they desire, and for women it is near impossible.