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Naomi asked 1 year ago

I was born and raised in Canada (Toronto and Calgary) and have been to many mosques throughout the GTA and Calgary area to keep up with my friday prayers and connection to islam with my family.One common theme in our mosques is the inadequate prayer space for women. (also women and children). I hold my faith dear but it makes me upset and hurts my heart when I attend a masjid for a function or prayer to find women are often crowded, praying on top of each other, often on gym or concrete floors with a sheet, mat or thin carpet, squeezing children in the front and back of them, and sometimes struggling to hear the prayers and announcements over poor speakers. How in Canada are women treated this way within islam? while men\’s prayer halls are wide, spacious, bright and comfortable.   Why are women pushed off to a basement, class room, gym, or small balcony a fraction of the size of the men\’s hall? As a mother of three now, I see my young daughter asking the the same questions and telling me which prayer space is better, smells better, is quieter, cleaner, etc.  why can\’t we go there, where are they? My question is, why in the prophets time did women pray with men in the same space and now we are sub par? Please also reference this research: thank you