H.E. Judge Gilbert Guillaume



Date: November 24, 2001

H.E. Judge Gilbert Guillaume


International Court of Justice

The Hague


H.E. Judge Gilbert Guillaume,

For the past few days the information we are receiving from the media is making millions of human beings around the world very concerned and puzzled. It looks like that within few hours or it may have already started the massacres of thousands of non-Northern Alliance Muslims in Afghanistan. Hundreds of Northern Alliance forces have surrounded city of Kanduz and other cities in Afghanistan. In those cities thousands of human beings have been trapped. It is possible that some of these trapped people might have affiliation with Taliban. Some of them are local Afghanis and some of them are foreigners. Some of them might have done horrible things during Taliban regime. Now, they are about to be captured. How should they be treated? Should the US lead Northern Alliance create genocide and kill all of them? OR those who are suspected should be captured and face the justice system first?

The US lead Northern Alliance is about to do the same thing, which Nazis did to millions of Jews in Germany and Serb forces, did to thousands of Muslims in Bosnia and Kossovo. Apparently, the world is very quiet and nobody is trying to stop this genocide. Politicians are making the bad situation into worse. Please do not wait and see. As the President of International Court of Justice, can you please do some thing to stop this genocide? The suspected people regardless of their affiliation must face the justice system first before sentenced to death. Please help.

God forbid, If Northern Alliance creates genocide in Afghanistan then the US and NATO must take full responsibility of this genocide. It has already been reported that after the fall of city of Mazar-e-Sharif, the Northern Alliance massacred hundreds of its opponents. Fresh mass-graves have already been discovered in Mazar-e-Sharif.

We are requesting to you to appoint prosecutors to investigate the crime against humanity in Afghanistan and bring all of them to justice who committed and supported these crimes.


Syed B. Soharwardy


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