Honourable Kings, Presidents and Rulers of Muslim Countries


Date: April 12, 2003

Open Letter


Honourable Kings, Presidents and Rulers of Muslim Countries

Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh

The recent fall of one of your colleagues, Saddam Hussein and his regime has a big lesson for all the rulers of the Muslim world. As Almighty Allah says in the Glorious Qur’an, Hence, take a lesson O the people possessing insight (59: 2). Earlier, you had seen the disgraced and humiliated fall of King Raza Shah of Iran, Eidee Ameen of Uganda, President Suharto of Indonesia, and several other rulers of the Muslim and non-Muslim world. These rulers never imagined that such humiliation and destruction would fall upon them. You too are not immune from such humiliation and destruction? Today, you may be in the good book of US government but you can be removed from this good book at anytime. US government will never let the American interest sacrificed over yours or your country’s interest. For US governments, Muslims and Muslim governments have been and will always be like a napkin. When they are needed, they can be put on the eyes and the cheeks but when napkin becomes dirty or torn it goes into the trash. What makes you think that, soon or later, you will not be trashed by the US?

As Allah reminds Muslims in the Glorious Qur’an, And such are the days We alternate among human beings (3:140). Please do not be foolish like Saddam Hussein. Please learn from the history.

The only way you (the current Muslim rulers) can avoid destruction and forceful removal from power, regardless whether you are a US ally or opponent, is by realizing the TRUTH.

o        Is it not true that most of you have huge palaces like Saddam Hussein while most of the people in your countries live in substandard houses or on streets? I have seen miles and miles of long palaces in Muslim countries while widows and orphans begged in the downtown of the same city.

o        Is it not true that you enjoy the most luxurious lifestyle on earth while an overwhelming majority of your citizens are deprived of basic human needs? Just like Saddam Hussein and the people of Iraq.

o        Is it not true that you and the people of your inner circles use country’s resources without any accountability while the ordinary citizens in your countries are accountable for everything?

o        Is it not true that you cannot tolerate any opposition in your country just like Saddam Hussein could not tolerate any opposition?

o        Is it not true that most of you have imposed yourselves upon your people like Saddam Hussein did?

o        Is it not true that most of you are elected through fake elections (one man, one party referendum), just like Saddam Hussein used to be elected?

o        Is it not true that most of you have killed or sent in exile, hundreds of citizens who tried to challenge your rule?

o        Is it not true that some of you have established parliaments because of western pressure but the actual power is in your hands? The parliaments are only for symbolic purposes.

o        Is it not true that you have manifested all powers and authorities in yourselves?

o        Is it not true that in your countries the laws made by you supersede the laws given to Muslims by Almighty Allah (Qur’an) and His Messenger (Peace be upon him)?

o        Is it not true that the justice for an ordinary person is different from the justice for a privileged person in your countries?

o        Is it not true that when a poor person commits a wrong, he/she is punished to the fullest while a wrong committed by a privileged person in your countries is not noticed?

Therefore, eventually your fate will not be different from Saddam Hussein unless you repent and fear ONLY Almighty Allah and establish justice and freedom for the ordinary citizens of your countries.

Let me ask you a question. Why did the US forces face humiliation and defeat in Vietnam? Please compare Saddam Hussein and yourselves with Ho Chi Min. Ho Chi Min did not have large palaces. His standard of living was similar as an average Vietnamese at that time. He “empowered” ordinary citizens. That is why each old and young, men and women became part ofNorthern Vietnam army in defending the country. US forces had to kill each Vietnamese in order to occupy the country. That is why US forces failed in Vietnam. In the case of Iraq, for years, the ordinary citizens were robbed and oppressed by Saddam. How could they fight for such a tyrant? Please be honest to yourselves. You have the same situation in your countries. May Allah keep all Muslims countries safe, however the reality is knocking at the door. People will not fight for you. Your elite armies can fight few days and that is it. In order to keep your honour and your country safe please do the following. You will see how ordinary citizens will stand-up in defending the country against any aggression and how Almighty Allah will help you and your country.

      1. Withdraw all the laws, which conflict with the Divine laws of Islamic Shari’a. Fear only Allah. Love Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) more than any thing else and respect ordinary human beings.
      1. Establish transparent justice system in your country including for the non-Muslim minorities. Allah may tolerate a non-Muslim government with justice but will not tolerate a Muslim government without justice (Imam Ibn Taymiyah).
      1. Let the people choose their leader / ruler through unrestricted, uncontrolled and fair elections.
      1. Convert all these large palaces and huge government buildings into housing projects for the homeless and the poor. Give back people’s money and respect human rights.
      1. Empower ordinary citizens. Let them enjoy Allah’s given freedom.
      1. Your standard of living should be similar to an average citizen of your country. And above all;
        • You should like for yourselves what you like for others.
      1. Unite Muslim countries. Instead of Arab League, ICO, GCC and other useless organizations. Establish your own United Nations of Islamic Countries (UNIC). The current UNO has lost its face and value. The current UNO cannot protect poor countries from the aggression of powerful countries.

Honourable Kings, Presidents and Rulers of the Muslim Countries,

Soon, another Muslim country will be facing aggression and if you will not change, the change will be forced upon you just like in Afghanistan and Iraq. This imposed change will be very destructive, as you have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Muslims must establish Khilafah. This will require sacrifices from the Muslim rulers.  Unity of Muslim Ummah is only in establishing the Khilafah. Unless Muslims are united, the occupation of Muslim countries and genocide of Muslims will continue.

The model rulers for all of you is Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and Khilafat-e-Rashidah. Remember, when Ameer-ul-Mo’mineen, Sayyidna Umar ibn Al-Khattab (May Allah be pleased with him) entered into Jerusalem as a Commander in Chief of the victorious Muslim army, he was walking with the camel and his slave was riding on the camel. He showed utmost respect for the people of all Faiths in Jerusalem. We need Salahuddin Ayyubi (May Allah shower His blessings upon him) – a Kurd by background who defeated Crusaders and re-captured Jerusalem from them. If you want to succeed like Sayyidna Umar ibn Al-Khattab and Sayyidna Salahuddin Ayyubi you must adopt their values and lifestyle.

Let me remind you and myself, Allah says in the Glorious Qur’an, Whoever recommends and helps a good cause becomes a partner therein: and whoever recommends and helps an evil cause shares in its burden: and Allah has power over all things (4:85)

O who believe! if you comply with who disbelieve, they shall turn you back and then, you shall turn losers. On the contrary, Allah is your protector: and He is the best helper. (3: 149-150)

You must neither flag (lose vigour) nor grieve and you shall have victory, if you are (true) believers. (3: 139)

May Allah keep the world in peace from the tyrants of the East and the West. Amen.

Thank you,

Your brother in Islam


Syed Soharwardy

Calgary, Canada



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