ISCC and MAT Strongly Condemn Violence Against Indian Muslims By Hindu Extremists


Press Release
Date: February 25, 2020

ISCC and MAT Strongly Condemn Violence Against Indian Muslims By Hindu Extremists

Calgary) Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (ISCC) and Muslims Against Terrorism (MAT) strongly condemn the Hindu-Muslim riots in New Delhi and other parts of India. The extremist Hindus attacked a mosque in Delhi and set the mosque on fire. Hindu extremists are attacking innocent Indian Muslims. On the other side the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir have been under curfew for the past more than 200 days. The lives of Indian and Kashmiri Muslims have been constantly under threat and facing persecution by the hands of the current extremist government of India. Modi government has been encouraging extremism and division among Indians.
There is no doubt the Modi government in India is an extremist racist and violent government whose mandate seems to be wiping out all minorities in India. It is so shameful that the hate and violence in India against Muslim minority rose during President Donald Trump’s visit of India and he remained silent on this Hindu terrorism.
ISCC and MAT demand all Middle Eastern and other Islamic governments to stop trade with India and sanction economic embargo on India unless Indian government stops violence and discrimination against Indian and Kashmiri Muslims.
ISCC and MAT also urge the Indian descent Canadian Members of Parliament to stand up for justice and peace in India and Kashmir. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been silent on the human rights violations against Indian Muslims and Christians. We request Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to use his influence on Indian government to save lives of Indian minorities.
ISCC and MAT stand shoulder to shoulder with the Muslim and other minorities in India and Kashmir. May peace and justice prevail in India and Kashmir. May the sufferings of Muslim minority in India end soon. May the people of Kashmir be free from occupation.
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