Burning Qur’an will be an Insult to Jesus (PBUH) and Christian Faith

Date: August 30, 2010
ISCC Plans to Distribute Hundreds of Qur’an Free to Non-Muslims
Burning Qur’an will be an Insult to Jesus and Christian Faith
Islamophobes and the Terrorists Are Destroying Peace
People of Faith Must Unite Against Hate
The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (ISCC) urges people of Faiths to stand up against the evil of hate and violence.  There are hatemongers who attack Islam in order to insight hate against Muslims. There are fanatics who respond to this hate with violence. Both of these groups are destroying peace and must be condemned by the people of all faiths. 
A Christian in the USA who claims to be a pastor has announced that he will burn the copies of Qur’an. He is aggressively propagating his hate. This shows that this person has never read Qur’an.  If this man reads Qur’an he will find that Qur’an honours Jesus Christ more than any other person (Prophet) in the Qur’an. Qur’an honours Jesus and his entire ancestry. Qur’an describes the birth, the miracles and the sufferings of Jesus. Qur’an honours Jesus and his mother, Marry and his ancestry more than any other man, woman or a tribe.  So, if an arrogant ignorant person burns Qur’an, in fact, this person insults Jesus Christ and commits blasphemy against the Christian faith.  We urge all Christian church groups to demand the revocation of this pastor’s credentials.  He is no more a Pastor. He is an anti-Christ blasphemous hatemonger.
Like every year, ISCC reaches out to all Canadians during the month of Ramadan. We are having multi-faith Iftaar dinners every day. ISCC distributes Qur’an free to Canadians.  This year due to the increased Islamophobia and anti-Quran propaganda, ISCC has increased its efforts of Qur’an distribution. We want every Canadian to read Qur’an and then ask Question if some thing is not clear. ISCC Imams are available across the country and on the phone/emails.
ISCC also strongly condemns the recently discovered alleged terrorism plot by some fanatics who happens to be a Muslim.  However, we are disappointed by the response of the Canadian and the American governments on the recommendations that ISCC had sent them many times on the issues of radicalism among Muslims. The radicalism among Muslims is not wide spread. It is only confined to one sect. A Muslim who follows the beliefs of this one sect is a potential candidate for radicalism.  Unfortunately, both the Canadian and the American governments have done nothing to stop the spread of the ideology that develops a fanatic mind. Thanks
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