Plea to U.S. and NATO Governments


Date: September 16, 2001

Press Release

Plea to US and NATO Governments

In a weekly ISCC executive council meeting on Saturday, council has expressed its concern over the escalating revenge and anger by the United State government. The council has asked Prime Minister Jean Chrétien to help US government in making rational decisions.  Presently, the US government and the world are extremely angry and they are justified for it. But a decision made with anger and the desire to take revenge at any cost may not be a wise decision. There is a very high possibility that the US government may make some decisions, which may cause more damage to the world and humanity than the damage caused by the terrorists on September 11, 2001.  ISCC fully supports to punish the terrorists and those who harbour them however escalating war against one of the poorest countries on earth, Afghanistan will not be a wise decision. Afghani people have been suffering for the last thirty years.  First they suffered from Russians, then the civil war and now from Taliban government.

Afghanistan does not have any sophisticated communication, transportation, and scientific or technological infrastructure. People are dying in Afghanistan everyday. They do not have food, water and basic health care. Those who could flee Afghanistan they already left. Now, USA will only be killing hungry and helpless children, women and old people. Just to capture Osama Bin Laden and his company by using the most sophisticated technology and more than 100,000 man and women in the uniform is an emotional decision which will bring nothing but more killings, destruction, hate and anger.

ISCC suggests that the USA and NATO should use their highly sophisticated network of intelligence and negotiation experts to capture the terrorists and their supporters.  This is the only way that the world can avoid more harm, more destruction, more killings, more sufferings and more hate. May God give courage to the US and NATO governments to make rational and wise decisions. May God help US and NATO governments in capturing terrorists without bloodshed. Amen.

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Best Regards


Syed Soharwardy


Islamic Supreme Council of Canada

Phone: (403)-208-7148


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