Thanks Fellow Canadians


September 16, 2001

Press Release

Thanks Fellow Canadians

Muslims Against Terrorism (MAT) is very thankful to fellow Canadians for their support and solidarity with Canadian Muslims.  MAT is getting many phone calls and email messages on daily basis from various Canadians expressing their concern over the safety and security for the Canadian Muslims. These messages have been forwarded to hundreds of Canadian Muslims which have touched their hearts. Few messages are attached with this press release.


Dear Islamic Supreme Council of Canada,

I am very sad to hear of any member of your peaceful communities receiving blame and racial insults for the tragedy of September 11 2001. This for me worsens a very terrible event. I love Canada so much because of the varied cultures that live here and hope and pray for all of us to learn from and appreciate each others differences. Respect/Peace and Joy to you in this difficult time.

Sincerely, Catherine Armstrong, Toronto.


I hear with dismay media reports of some incidents in which Muslims are being targeted for abuse or retribution both here in Canada and elsewhere, as some misguided individuals try to respond to the events of this week.
Various elements in the media (press, television, movies) have for too long equated the terms “Muslim”, “Arab”, and “terrorist” as being synonymous. People with any knowledge of the facts are aware that the principles of peace and goodness that are found in Islam are in harmony with those of Christianity and other faiths. One need only consider that prayer services this week took place in churches, synagogues, and mosques. I believe that most people in Canadaare united in their commitment to stand for good against evil, and are not in support of actions that might be taken against Muslims, however we know that it takes only a few individuals with evil intent to continue acts of hatred. As a Christian, I express my support for the Islamic community, and hope that peace-loving peoples will work together to create a world in which harmony and mutual understanding are guiding principles in all our lives. Thank you.
Gordon Barnard, Toronto

Dear Friends:

I would like to offer my sympathy for the suffering you may be experiencing at the hands of cowards who are using Muslims as an excuse to commit acts of violence. Fortunately, most people are good and I hope that these good people, like myself, will do whatever we can to protect innocent Muslims in our communities.

Laurel Harris , Vernon, B.C. Canada


Good afternoon,

It was dismay that I read this morning’s The Globe and Mail to see that some Muslim schools were being closed in Canada and the U.S. Further I was saddened that people are targeting innocent individuals in response to the terrorist attack in New York and Washington. This is one human being and Canadian who wants the Muslim community to know that I think it is disgraceful that you are “being held prisoners or being made to feel like victims of crimes that you have had no part of”. Emotion is a funny thing. Sometimes it makes everyday individuals act like…well there is no other way to describe it…idiots. Hopefully common sense and a respect for all human beings will come to the forefront and the Muslim community will cease to be a target of this mis-directed anger.

Those responsible should be held accountable for their criminal actions. That is true in any situation. People should not be painted with the same brush simply because of their religious and ethnic origin. I am hopeful that this very sad situation and disruption of people’s lives will be short-lived.

Sincerely,  Diane Miller , Burlington, ON



Syed Soharwardy, Founder

Muslims Against Terrorism (MAT)



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