IACW Opens Its First Chapter in B.C.‏


Islamic Association of Canadian Women

Date: December 15, 2012

For Immediate Release

IACW Opens Its First Chapter in B.C.

(Surrey, British Columbia) The Islamic Association of Canadian Women (IACW) has opened its first chapter in British Columbia. IACW was founded in Calgary in 2003. In 2004 its first chapter was opened in Mississauga, Ontario. IACW has another chapter in Scarborough, Toronto. The BC chapter is its 4thchapter.  The objectives of IACW are as follows.

“Create awareness among new immigrant women about their rights and responsibilities in the Canadian Society.  Enhance their language skills. Help victims of domestic violence, peer pressure, discrimination and bullying. Empower women in the community and help young girls in social, educational and professional matters.  Create awareness about multiculturalism and multi-faith society. Promote volunteerism and to engage youth in healthy activities”.

For the British Columbia Chapter following members were elected for the Executive Council.

  • Nazia Haider – President
  • Fareeda Niaz – Sr. Vice President
  • Noreen Azhar  – Vice President
  • Amber Imran – Secretary General
  • Qausar Mohiuddin – Treasurer
  • Maryam Khan – Communications and Community Relationships
  • Tameen Imran – Programs Coordinator
  • Saja Noor  – Interfaith Coordination

For any questions or inquiries, please contact Maryam Khan at 778-241-0974 OR toll free 1-866-77-ISLAM OR visit www.iacw.ca .



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