Imam Soharwardy’s Letter to the Chief of Calgary Police‏


Date: June 16, 2014

For Immediate Release

Imam Soharwardy’s Letter to the Chief of Calgary Police

Terrorists and the Hate-Mongers Unite Against The Imam

(Calgary) The founder of Muslims Against Terrorism ( and the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada ( Imam Syed Soharwardy has written a letter to the Chief of Calgary Police expressing his deep concerns regarding his personal and his family’s safety.  Recently he has received threats and hateful comments from both the ISIS/Al-Qaeda affiliates and the anti-Islam /anti-Muslim groups and individuals. He wrote the following to the Chief of Calgary Police.

Due to my strong opposition to violence and terrorist activities carried out by extremists including ISIS in Syria and Iraq I have become the target of various hate-mongers in and outside Canada.   Recently I made statements in the media regarding the recent suicide bombings by two Calgarians, Salman Ashrafi and Damian Clairmont, which have made me the target of hate by several groups.  The most recent blog by the Al Qaeda / ISIS affiliate website (address has been removed) has called attention to my name as a supporter of the “non-believer Canadian government” and for speaking against the terrorists. Here are the most recent statements from the ISIS / Al-Qaeda affiliate website.

“The number of “homegrown Jihadists” is rising in Canada at an unbelievable rate by the mercy of Allah and the old-school anti-Wahabism rant of the deviant “imams” like Syed Soharwardy seems no match to our powerful “Salafi-Jihadist” narrative…and the numbers speak for themselves! Not surprisingly, the utter defeat in the ideological realm has pushed people like Syed Soharwardy to desperately plead to the disbelieving government of Canada by asking for help saying, “What the Canadian government is doing?” Well, let me inform him what the Canadian government is doing in their efforts to “combat extremism” just in case his friends in CSIS have kept him in the dark…”

In the past the same website has mentioned me as, “the deviant Imam” as well as a few other Canadians who are speaking out against terrorism and extremism.

On the other side, Mr. Ezra Levant has also recently launched a campaign against me on the Sun News network, which has made me the target of hate by the anti-Islam hate-mongers. The twisted and hate-filled campaign on the part of Mr. Ezra Levant against my de-radicalization work has misguided and misinformed many people.

I have become the target of hate by the extremists who carry out suicide bombings in the name of Islam and by the anti-Islam groups and individuals like Mr. Ezra Levant. On June 6th, 2014 Sun News network even made a direct, personal attack on me, which could serve to undermine my efforts against the radicalization of Muslim youth in Canada and the suicide bombings in Iraq and Syria. The concerted attacks by Levant and Sun News have been so intense and well-orchestrated, that they may even be deliberately intended to divert the attention of Canadians from the useful work that two organizations – Muslims Against Terrorism and the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada – are doing.  I have noticed that the “on air ambush” I experienced is being used as a form of character assassination in order to incite hate against me, my family and the broader Muslim community in Canada. For example, my picture is being displayed with a caption indicating that I want to install “Sharia law” in Canada. (A claim that is both ludicrous and impossible as anyone versed on that particular subject could tell you.) Please read the comments and the Tweets on these websites in question.


•                    “Sharia law has no place in Canada Syed Soharwardy and the Death Cult of Islam needs to be outlawed in Canada. Canada needs to follow the example of the African nation of Angola and Outlaw Islam & Demolish All Mosques. Angola is The First Country To Outlaw Islam and to officially Ban and Outlaw Islam Canada needs to do the same. “ (

•                    “Islamic apologists are only fooling themselves by trying to make Islam appear decent in any form. There is no denying what the unholy Koran contains in its demonic pages. It is what it is, and it is evil! (”

•                    “Of course, Soharwardy would never tell us that it is jihad monkeys like him who are fanning the flames, despite engaging in phoney Multifaith Walk activities to deceive the kuffars.”

•                      “Fortunately, we have the great Ezra Levant creating fireworks by shaking the deceitful old geezer out of his tree. Watch him weasel and lie: (”

Due to the clearly mentioned threats and hateful comments on ISIS/AlQaeda and Sun News / Ezra Levant supported websites, I am extremely concerned for my personal safety and the safety of my children, my wife and the broader community of law-abiding Canadian Muslims.

If, God forbid, any harm should befall me or my family members, I will hold these hate-mongers responsible.

I am available for further investigation and discussion, and would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Thank you for your attention.

Yours Sincerely,


(Imam) Syed Soharwardy

Founder, Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (

               Muslims Against Terrorism (

Phone: 403-831-6330


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