Murder of a UK Citizen is Another Proof of Radicalization in the Name of Islam‏


Date: May 23, 2013

For Immediate Release

Homegrown Terrorism


ISCC and MAT Strongly Condemn the Imposter Muslims

Murder of a UK Citizen is Another Proof of Radicalization in the Name of Islam

(Calgary) The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada and the Muslims Against Terrorism strongly condemn yesterday’s murder of an off-duty UK soldier in UK.  Based upon the media reports the two murderers justified their crime based upon their understanding of Islam. ISCC and MAT denounce their understanding of Islamic faith. They are criminals and must face justice system.

These murderers are imposters disguised as Muslims. They have nothing to do with Islam. The Wahabi extremist ideology produces such horrible imposters. They must be called Wahabis, not Muslims.  Wahabism is an anti-Islam ideology which is based upon violence and intolerance for the difference of opinion. Wahabis have killed more Muslims than any other group. They have killed hundreds of thousands innocent Muslims in Muslim countries and now they are going after the people of other faiths.

It is sad and very disappointing that the western governments have ignored all the warnings about the dangers of Wahabism. Wahabism is the main-source of producing the radical and the violent people. “Unless the governments ban the ideology of Wahabism and root-out the Wahabis from the mosques and the other institutions, the terrorism will continue to rise and the people will continue to face terrorism.”, said Imam Syed Soharwardy, the founder of ISCC and MAT.

ISCC and MAT appeals to the public and the media not to consider these criminals as Muslims but call them Wahabis since they are the followers of Wahabism. ISCC and MAT express deep sympathy for the victim and his family. We, urge people of all faiths and ethnicities to remain united against terrorism and fanaticism.  These terrorists want to divide us but we should not let these terrorists succeed.

Imam Syed Soharwardy has offered to meet face to face with these murderers and their leaders to prove that these criminals are in fact imposters who abuse Islam to create a negative image of Islam and Muslims.

For any questions please contact Imam Syed Soharwardy at 416-994-5467 OR 1-866-77-ISLAM.



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