660 News | A Calgary Imam is calling on the Government to stop Radical Brainwashing


A Calgary imam is calling on the government to stop radical brainwashing

660 News | June 04, 2014

Posted Jun 4, 2014 12:04 am MDT

Our country’s intelligence organizations and our universities need to stop groups from spreading their hate immediately.

That’s from prominent Calgary imam, Syed Soharwardy of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada.

He’s upset the number of people from Calgary and Alberta joining extremist groups continues to grow.

“This brainwashing, this radicalization is going on in Calgary and in Canada and the government is doing nothing,” says Soharwardy. “I have told them, many other Muslim leaders have informed them that this is going on, undercover and openly. Those organizations are holding lectures in your universities, they’re bringing youth into their seminars and lectures and then recruit them for their future actions and violent activities they’re going to carry out.”

His comments come after a report from CBC Tuesday, saying another person from Calgary was killed while involved with a Muslim extremist group.

They’re reporting a man named Salman Ashrafi was part of a suicide attack last year killing 46 people in Iraq.

Soharwardy was a friend of the Ashrafi family.

He says Salman grew up in Northwest Calgary, and his father was a professor at the University of Calgary.

“It was something unbelievable, that this nice kid, who was very intelligent, very smart kid back in ’98-’97, I was shocked. If this is the guy, if it’s Salman Ashrafi, it’s quite disappointing,” says Soharwardy.

He wants to know why nothing is being done about the people in our city and province dying for nothing.

“Why this radicalization cannot be stopped, or at least monitored, before these kids go outside the country and get killed for some organization or some person or some ideology,” says Soharwardy.

He says it should concern all of us, this brainwashing is happening, and our government is allowing it, by standing by doing nothing.


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